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Maximize your revenue

  • Manage Teams
  • Collect Leads
  • Actionable Analytics
  • Consistant Branding
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Streamline team networking

  • Digital Business Profiles are a game changer for Teams looking to network efficiently. With a centralized online hub for contact information and customized designs, with these NFC Cards, Teams stay organized, showcase their brand, and stand out from the competition.

    Digital Business Profiles offers unlimited network oppurtunities at a cost- and time saving way for Businesses.

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Instant onboarding

Track performance

Central administration

better networking


  • Sales

    • never miss another follow up
    • no more manual CRM data entry
    • stand out and be Remembered

  • Marketing

    • easily calculate ROI on networking
    • rollout custom and unique branding
    • actionable data and analytics

  • HR

    • control backend employee permission
    • easy onboarding for new employees
    • integrate your CRM to make updates

  • Data & Secure

    • we never share your data
    • AES 256 bit encryption
    • GDPR Secure

digital business card

cloud based management system

  • Transform the way your Team shares company information with our innovative Digital Business Card platform. Our user-friendly interface allows you to create, distribute, and manage professional digital business cards across your entire team. With up-to-date contact information and advertisement you can share your company's message with ease.

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  • Maximize your lead generation potential with our cutting-edge marketing solutions! Our system empowers you to collect more leads than your industry average. No more juggling multiple databases or spreadsheets, our user-friendly platform consolidates all your team's leads into one central contact book. With just a few clicks, you can effortlessly view, manage, and export your leads.

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professional email signature

  • Smart Business Bio - email signatures are a must-have for professionals of all levels and teams in any organization. Our product creates your email signature using the information on your Digital Business Card, ensuring that it's always professional and on-brand.
    Anyone you communicate with can access and view your business card directly from your email signature, making networking, marketing, and sales more efficient and effective than ever before.

    Join the countless professionals who have already streamlined their email communication with our easy-to-use product.

consistant branding


  • Make your Mark with a Digital Business Card that perfectly reflects Your Brand Identity. Our platform allows you to customize every aspect of your card, from fonts to logos and beyond. With our expert guidance, you can create a professional and cohesive design that seamlessly aligns with your brand guidelines. Showcase your brand in the best possible light and make a lasting impression with every introduction. Sign up now and take the first step towards a more polished and professional image.

Signature Business Bio

We provide a modern, professional and eco-friendly way to network and share information with others. No more manual data entry, lost or forgotten business cards, or cluttered wallets. With our Smart Business Cards, you can easily store and access all your important information in one place.

With a tap, team members can instantly exchange information. Digital Business Profiles are time & money saving.

upgrade your team's networking today.