multi channel features


endless possibilities

in-time configuration

determine what is shared

Smart Business Bio


  • Meet

    • meet potential lead or customer
    • connect with Signature

  • Contact

    • they save your info as contact
    • you save their info as contact

  • Follow-Up

    • Signature will text your info to contact
    • export lead for marketing flows

  • Close

    • turn contact into a customer
    • remain top of minds for your contacts


  • Take your in-person networking to the next level with NFC Business Cards.
    With a simple tap, you can instantly exchange contact information, social media profiles, website links, PDF files, videos, photos, and other important details.
    Imagine being able to instantly share your portfolio, presentation, or marketing materials with a potential client or partner just with a Smart Business Profile.


  • Access your Signature Business Profile instantly with a home screen icon widget. Add the widget to your homescreen and share your contact details with ease, no need to navigate through settings or apps. You can even take it a step further and make your QR code into your phone's wallpaper or add it to your phone's wallet. This means you'll always have your contact information ready to share, You can share your profile easily by zoom backrounds, mail, sms, whatsapp, social media and more... even offline.

multiple accounts

  • Our technology provides a seamless and efficient way for users to manage their contacts with two separate profiles. With Signature Smart Business Bio, users can create a digital Business Profile that includes their professional title and company information to share with clients and colleagues during working hours.

    Conversely, users can easily switch to their Personal Profile, which includes their preferred contact details for personal interactions outside of work. Signature Bio allows users to effortlessly switch between the two profiles, ensuring that they always have the right information on hand for every situation.


  • Our innovative platform allows you to create a fully customized profile that showcases your unique brand and personality. With features like profile color customization, personalized headlines, and the ability to change the position of sections and buttons, you can tailor your profile to fit your industry and stand out from the competition. Our platform is perfect for every professionals to corporate teams.


  • Lead generation is a vital marketing feature that helps businesses connect with potential customers and convert them into actual customers. Our digital business profiles offer a lead generation form feature that streamlines this process and makes it easy for you to capture valuable information from your potential clients and customers. This feature save time while maximizing your business potential.


  • Smart Business Bio - email signatures are a must-have for professionals of all levels and teams in any organization. Our product creates your email signature using the information on your Digital Business Card, ensuring that it's always professional and on-brand.
    Anyone you communicate with can access and view your business card directly from your email signature, making networking, marketing, and sales more efficient and effective than ever before.

    Join the countless professionals who have already streamlined their email communication with our easy-to-use product.


  • Signature NFC Business Cards comes with a groundbreaking feature that keeps your contacts up-to-date automatically. Whenever you update your contact information, a notification is instantly sent to all your contacts and subscribers, so they always have your latest details at their fingertips. Upgrade your Networking game with our NFC Business Cards today and experience the power of real-time notifications.