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Signature Digital Business Display is a Standing NFC Display that can be placed ANYWHERE around your business.

The Business Displays have all Pro Features from Signature Business Bio integrated.

Step into The new Way of Networking with our impressive Signature – Digital Business Displays. Embrace a modern aesthetic and impress your clients with your new Business Accessorie

Do you receive many customers at your office, studio, practice, restaurant or store? 

Then simply share your full contact information using our NFC Digital Business Display instead of distributing Paper Business Cards or Flyers!

The Unique Digital Business Display works just like Signature Business Bio - Profile for Cards and offers endless new possibilities..

Enjoy The new Way of Networking and convince your customers with extra marketing features with your Smart Business Display.

The elegant Display Made of high-quality clear acrylic glass with elegant design and luxury NFC inleys invites visitors to Tapping. Share all your information and marketing with just a simple tap.


This unique Digital Business Display is a Must Have for every Stationary Business.

An alternative is the Digital Business Display also available in a smaller version for sticking on smooth surfaces in the entrance area, shop window, reception or interior.

With an attached adhesive strip the small Business Display made of premium Black Acrylglas can be attached anywhere.

Exchange your Marketing 

What is NFC Digital Business Display?

As technology continues to revolutionize the way we do business, NFC - Digital Business Displays are quickly becoming a popular choice for businesses looking to enhance their marketing efforts. NFC stands for Near Field Communication and refers to the wireless communication technology that enables devices to communicate and exchange data when they are within close proximity. NFC Business Displays can be used in infinite ways, but one of the most interesting uses is to create Digital Business cards for Stationary Businesses.

Digital Business Cards are becoming increasingly popular because they provide an efficient and hassle-free way for businesses to share their contact information with potential customers. A traditional paper business card can easily be lost, damaged or forgotten, but with a Digital Business Display, all of the essential contact details can be saved and retrieved with just a tap of a smartphone. In essence, a Digital Display functions like a Digital Business Card, powered by the NFC technology.

Digital Business Displays are essentially interactive screens that can be programmed with customized digital content such as videos, images, and text. Stationary Businesses can use Business Displays to showcase their products, services, promotions or even social media pages. However, by incorporating a Digital Business Card function, businesses can quickly and easily share their contact information with prospects and clients.

When a customer taps their smartphone against a Digital Business Display the contact information can be auto-loaded onto their device, saved to their contact list or directly opened on their email app, for ease of communication. The NFC Displays do all the work, triggering a range of actions, as should be previously configured, such as sharing of social media pages, contact emails and even lead generation forms. The Digital Business Display also provide a way of tracking prospects and generating leads, thus making the sales process more efficient.

The Signature – Digital Business Display function is particularly useful in Stationary Businesses such as at Exhibitions, Shopping Malls, and Retail stores, offices where customers can easily walk by display booths or window stores. They offer the benefit of easy access to contact information and save on printing costs for paper business cards, flyers and catalogs.

In conclusion, Digital Business Displays are an efficient and cost-effective way to market a business while providing an alternative and innovative way of creating Digital Business Displays for Stationary Businesses.

The Signature Business Displays provide a range of digital marketing opportunities for a diverse range of businesses, while providing convenience and efficiency in terms of lead generation, prospecting, and sharing of contacts. If you're a stationary business looking to take your marketing efforts to the next level, a NFC Business Display is the way to go.


1. Luxury NFC Digital Business Display – Stand Display 

2. Luxury NFC Digital Business Display – Self Adhesive Plate 


1. Premium, clear Acrylglas with Luxury Black NFC inley

2. Premium, Black Shiny Acrylglas with minimalist White UV Print


1. Big = Stand Display 

2. Small = Self Adhesive Display – Stick everywhere 


1. 148 x 210 mm -  A5 size Stand Display 

2. 140 x 140 mm -  Self Adhesive Display 


Brand Signature. Smart Business Bio

Vendor Signature Business Solutions
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activate in 3 simple steps!

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  • Create Your Profile

    You can add, edit & enable what you would like to share with your Signature Display.

  • Tap, Share & Go

    Share who you are and what you do. Anytime, anywhere.


welcome to your smart business bio

  • • Tap your mobile phone to signed area on display
    • Fill out register form
    • Confirm your email address
    • Press activate button to activate your Business Display
    • Fill out your profile details
    • That's it! You are ready to Network.