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  • Take your in-person networking to the next level with Signature Digital Business Cards. With a simple tap, you can instantly exchange contact information, social media profiles, website links, PDF files, videos, photos, and other important details.

    Imagine being able to instantly share your portfolio, presentation, or marketing materials with a potential client or partner. With NFC Business Cards, it's easy, efficient and cost effective.

Luxury. Premium. Outstanding

Introducing the new Business Accessory

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Powerful features

  • No app needed

  • iPhone & Android

  • No monthly fees

  • GDPR Secure

prestige & elegance

Smart Business Card & Display

Next level of in-person networking

  • Personal Use

    Business people

    Influencer & Celebrities

    Musicians & Artists

    Football Stars

  • All kind of Offices

    Franchise Companies

    Enterprise Companies

    Business Services

    Finance & Insurance Companies

  • Restaurants

    Hotels & Resorts

    Beauty Centers

    Hair Salons & Barber Shops

    Gym & Wellness

    Healthcare & Doctors

  • Events & Clubs

    Popup Stores

    Retailer Brands

    Marketing Agencies

    and more...

Digital Business Display

Must have for every stationary business

  • Build an Audience

    Do you receive many customers at your office, studio, practice, restaurant or store? Then simply share your full contact information using our NFC Smart Business Display instead of distributing Paper Business Cards or Flyers! The Unique Digital Business Display works just like our NFC Digital Business Cards. Enjoy the new way of networking and convince your customers with extra marketing features in your Smart Business Bio. The Luxury Business Display, Made of high-quality acrylic glass with elegant design invites visitors to Tapping.

more returning customers

Proximity Marketing Display

one simple tap

connect customers with your brand

  • Get leads

    Link to your social Media Channels

  • Get reviews

    Inform & interact with customers

  • Get loyalty

    Turn customers into loyal fans

  • Stay connected

    Build long lasting relationships

Social Media & Reviews

unleash your potential

  • More returning customers

    Increase your 5-star ratings, boost your social media and turn followers into a loyal customer. All with just one Tap and Social Proximity Displays.

WiFi Connection

Multi Channel marketing

  • Easy and Secure

    Connect your visitors simply to the Wi-Fi and give them unforgotable Smart Marketing Experinces.

Digital Business Cards are eco-friendly technology